Life in Kensington Through the Lens of Jeffrey Stockbridge

"It's almost like I went from photographing abandoned houses to abandoned people."

For over a decade Jeffrey Stockbridge has been documenting and photographing people in the Kensington neighborhood of Philadelphia, often referred to as the "badlands" for its notorious open air drug market.

Jeffrey's documentary photography series and book "Kensington Blues" has been received with international acclaim, widely viewed as an intimate and honest portrayal of the opioid crisis.

Jeffrey walks us through his process, intentions, and the purpose of his most recent exhibition at Drexel University.

His work can be viewed at

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Climbing and Composing with Philadelphia Jazz Musician Nicholas Krolak

"Jazz can express things about nature really well, and also about spirituality, and mysticism"

Nicholas Krolak is a bass player, composer, and professional jazz musician residing in Germantown Philadelphia. He discusses how his passion for rock climbing and bouldering has many parallels to that of writing and performing music.

His love for nature and the outdoors serve as a heavy influence on his compositions, as well as a source of inspiration. All music written and performed by Nicholas Krolak and the Nick Krolak Quartet. Listen at

Live recording filmed on location at Rittenhouse Soundworks. Learn more at

Featuring: Nicholas Krolak - bass V. Shayne Frederick - vocals Tim Brey - piano Gusten Rudolph - drums Jon Katz - alto sax Elliot Bild - trumpet Jenny Lee Maas Matthew Cox

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Tattooed Mom - A Canvas for a Community

"Every inch you see up here is someone's heart, bared for the world"

The upstairs of Tattooed Mom, one of the most unique bars in Philadelphia, serves as a canvas for the community. Literally and figuratively. Owner Robert Perry discusses how and why this continues to occur, and explains why so many creative individuals call it home.

Visit to learn more and follow @bear_2.1.5 to see more of his incredible artwork.

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Blending Aesthetics - Jenny Lee Maas

A glimpse into the creative process of Jenny Lee Maas in her home studio and on a hike through the Wissahickon with her loyal companion.

J. L. Maas is a Philadelphia-based multimedia artist and designer inspired by nature, dreams, and the blending of aesthetics. Her work includes sculpting, designing, and working with the Mural Arts program.

Visit to see more of her work.

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Adam & Philly AIDS Thrift

"I don't really collect stuff, I don't care about any of this stuff, but I like to see other people get things"

Philly AIDS Thrift has long been a staple of the South street community, not only for their unique and vast collection of donations, but for their continuing efforts to use the proceeds to aid local organizations involved in fighting HIV/AIDS. They also own Giovanni's Room on Pine street, describing it as "The Oldest & Very Best Gay & Lesbian Bookstore In The Country".

The Assistant Manager Adam, a well known and larger than life personality at PAT, takes us through the store and shares his unique perspective.

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Labyrinth Comics - On Our Own

After meeting in drawing classes at Fleisher Art Memorial in Philly, six comic artists decided to come together and form a comic collective, Labyrinth Comics. Their first release is an anthology offering each artist's personal take on the theme of vulnerability.

Labyrinth artists featured:
Ana Bass, Candice Block Lombardi, Jimmy Leighton, and Stephen Stone-Bush.

Labyrinth artists not featured:
Felix Jackson and Pamela Block.

Find out more at

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Elliot Todd: Fire and Sand

Elliott Todd briefly walks us through the process of creating one of his many glass sculptures, which is to be displayed as apart of his next gallery show.

Elliott is a glass artist who has been dedicated to working with the material for a number of years. Having grown up in the mountains of North Carolina, he spent time studying and working at the Penland School of Crafts in the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Currently, he is attending the Tyler School of Art in North Philadelphia, working to receive his BFA in glass.

Much of his work can be found on his Instagram @et_glass

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