Climbing and Composing with Philadelphia Jazz Musician Nicholas Krolak

"Jazz can express things about nature really well, and also about spirituality, and mysticism"

Nicholas Krolak is a bass player, composer, and professional jazz musician residing in Germantown Philadelphia. He discusses how his passion for rock climbing and bouldering has many parallels to that of writing and performing music.

His love for nature and the outdoors serve as a heavy influence on his compositions, as well as a source of inspiration. All music written and performed by Nicholas Krolak and the Nick Krolak Quartet. Listen at

Live recording filmed on location at Rittenhouse Soundworks. Learn more at

Featuring: Nicholas Krolak - bass V. Shayne Frederick - vocals Tim Brey - piano Gusten Rudolph - drums Jon Katz - alto sax Elliot Bild - trumpet Jenny Lee Maas Matthew Cox

Produced by opaque.

Opaque Philly